Olio Benza

gigi benza

Gigi Benza – company owner

I was born in Imperia, from a family that has been producing extra virgin olive oil from Taggiasca olives since 1700. For as long as I can remember, this sweet, almondy, fresh herb and pine-nut taste accompanies and characterises my life and the life of my family, with whom I build new memories and new experiences, day after day.

The result of this journey are the products I sell in my company!

La Taggiasca

Extra virgin olive | Olives and olive creams

The contact with nature and the desire to generate genuine products led me to create a proposal of what I produce, to promote products from Taggiasca olives, a Ligurian identity known in all the world for its personality, and agricultural products, linked to our land of origin.