The Guida agli Extravergini (now in its twentieth edition), it’s the “vade mecum” with which the Slow Food collect and describe the best oil production, in this case of the 2018. A precious tool to orient yourself in the world of Italian oil production: 548 companies described, 750 oils reviewed and more then 120 awards. Here the prizes given to the Liguria (the Grande Olio is a prize given to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil which has distinguished itself for particular qualities in the organoleptic taste and because it well reflects the territory and the cultivar; to these characteristics, the Grande Olio Slow add sustainable agronomic practices).

Grande Olio Slow a I Tecci de L’Uga Murella (Borghetto d’Arroscia)

Grande Olio Slow a Evo Tèra de Prie di Tèra de Prie (Aurigo)

Grande Olio Slow a Terre del Mistero di Patrizio Gamba (Apricale)

Grande Olio Slow a Ludo di La Baita (Borghetto d’Arroscia)

Grande Olio a Estremo di La Baita (Borghetto d’Arroscia)

Grande Olio a Extremum di Paolo Cassini (Isolabona)

Grande Olio a Cru Turè di Benza (Imperia)

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