More then one hundred and fifty years have passed from the purchase of our first oil mill. Now the time has changed almost all the aspects of the daily life, but something is unchanged.

We are situated in the beautiful Val Prino, a hill behind Imperia which starts from the sea and is protected by two chains of hills covered by olive groves. We are a family of rural tradition thinking that a good oil arises from a good work, from great competences, but especially from an excellent raw material. In our land we have 8000 olive trees cared and cultivated by us, all from taggiasca variety and in our oil mill we produce our oil.

The greatest pride of our work is the fidelity that always more customers demonstrate us, choosing our oil, and great satisfaction comes from the articles of various journalists who, tasting our products and appreciating the efforts to make them, write about us spontaneously.



The origin of a great oil has a fascinating and rich of tradition process. In addition to the care dedicated to the cultivation of olives and to the choice of the best fruits, there is a secret, the advantage of being oil millers.

We are not only selectors, preparers, or bottlers, having in this way only a partial control on the final quality of the product, but thanks to the teachings that has been handed down by our grand-parents, we take care every day of the realization of all our products.

Starting from the harvest we can see them taking form under our eyes, following the transformation by ourselves and putting all the passion and experience in the production, worrying only to maintain always a high quality of the work done.

We have two oil mills: a traditional one, with which we can maintain unchanged the ancient flavours rich of history, producing an oil in the most natural way as possible, without the aid of machineries but only by an old stone mill, that now it doesn’t count anymore all the turns done.

In the last years, we added a modern oil mill, last generation of a continuous one, with advanced machineries, that consent to respect the maximum hygiene, with which we realize the rest of our production.


The brand DNA Controllato Cultivar Taggiasca is born to identify and guarantee the olives in brine, the pitted olives and the olive paste, of cultivar Taggiasca, produced and packaged in the Provinces of Imperia and Savona.