Olio Benza

Benza oil is produced by an ancient family of oil-millers, who have been operating in Dolcedo (Riviera Ligure of Ponente) since the XVII century.

Today the family business is led by Giovanni (Gigi) Benza who, with his great ability, has managed to find the right balance between the ancient peasant tradition and the modern technological innovation.

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In 1853 the ancestors of the Benza family were the owner of a water oil mill in the village of Lecchiore. Half a century later, a great-grandfather bought the Old “Gumbu” of Dolcedo, the biggest and most prestigious oil mill in Val Prino.

Today friends, customers, visitors are welcomed into the new oil mill, wich has been built at the end of the last century, observing the best criteria for having the best for security, hygiene and technology.

The new techniques of olive-pressing, resulting from upgraded equipment, have transformed many aspects of work, but one thing has remained unchanged: the desire of an always better quality.