Benza is an ancient family of oil-millers: activity performed in Dolcedo (Riviera Ligure) since the XVI century. In the 1853 my great-grandparents owned an oil mill in the village of Lecchiore. After fifty years my great-grandfather bought the “Vecchio Gombo” in Dolcedo, the bigger and typical oil mill of the Val Prino. Today friends, customers and visitors are welcomed in my new oil mill: the best for security, hygiene and technology.

The new techniques of olive-pressing have changed many aspects of our work, but something remained unchanged: the desire of an always better quality.



My parents taught me that a good oil arises from a painstaking working process but also, and especially, from good olives; consequently I take care personally of them from the flowering to the picking. They are all from taggiasca variety; olives that are pressed in my oil mill and that, regularly, don’t disappoint me.



My oil mill is opened; I like the visit of customers and friend with which usually I linger in conversations. In every season they can visit me and taste my products. In winter, obviously, they can see the olive-pressing and they can buy the oil in the moment of the production.


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